The firm operates in a highly specialised field and our professionals offer clients tailored advice, paying particular attention to the details of each individual case.

Tax and international law

UBFP law firm offers assistance in the application of national, EU and international tax law.
In addition to the ordinary consultancy on direct and indirect taxes, UBFP draws up pro veritate advice, assists clients in the presentation of interpellations to the Financial Administration and provides assistance in tax planning, with a view to rationalising costs.

The consultancy includes assistance in the presentation of international rulings and in the application of international conventions against double taxation, also with reference to developments deriving from the OECD action plan relating to BEPS.

Tax planning audits and litigation

UBFP assists and represents Clients during the reimbursement proceedings, tax controls, taxassessments and audit before the Revenue and Customs Agency (ravvedimento operoso).
UBFP also offers judicial assistance to the Clients before the Tax Commissions.

It also has extensive experience in civil and criminal claims relating to personal and corporate tax litigations.
The firm also defends customers/clients before the tax court, in every state and degree of the judgment.

Customs and excise law

UBFP offers advice on customs matters, assisting clients in import and export operations.

In addition to advising on the essential aspects of international trade (classification and origin of goods, royalties, restrictive measures, anti-dumping duties, special authorisations, labelling of goods), the firm assists clients in the customs planning phase, with a view to rationalising costs, reducing risks and achieving the AEO certification of reliability.

UBFP also provides extrajudicial and judicial advice in the field of excise taxes and consumption taxes on the production and marketing of oil products, gas, electricity and alcohol.

EU and national VAT

UBFP provides assistance and advice in the analysis of the correct tax treatment of national, intra-community and international transactions, also referring to problems related to transactions which are excluded and exempt from tax.

The firm also assists clients in the tax planning phase, through the use of VAT deposits and the structuring of VAT groups.

Tax Criminal Law

UBFP assists clients in criminal proceedings which follow disputations regarding tax issues (undeclared income or underpayment of taxes, avoidance, false declaration of tax residency, false declarations), customs (with respect to the labelling of products or relating to contraband) and in the matter of excise taxes pertaining to energy products.

Corporate taxation and extraordinary transactions

UBFP offers advice in the management of complex issues concerning corporate taxation and taxation of corporate groups, including issues related to the sale of holdings, blacklist costs, CFCs and transfer pricing.

The activity includes assistance to companies in the phases of transformation and development, as well as in planning and implementation of extraordinary operations.

Taxation of individuals

UBFP law firm provides tax advice to individuals on taking up of residence in Italy, on transferring residence abroad, on the acquisition of properties and other registered assets, as well as on making investments both in Italy and abroad.

UBFP also provides assistance in family succession planning and in the protection of assets (e.g. creation of trusts or foundations).

Registration tax and local taxes

UBFP offers advice on registration, mortgage and land registration taxes, as well as on the most common local taxes (Imu, Tasi, Tari, Tosap, environmental taxes).

Real estate

UBFP assists clients in tax issues related to the acquisition and sale of properties, both in housing and trade sectors.

The legal advice is appressed to investors in real estate funds, as well as to private and
corporate clients, with reference to the structuring of real estate investment transactions, both in Italy and abroad.

International trade and logistics

UBFP law firm provides extrajudicial and judicial advice in the field of civil law, with particular reference to national and international contracting, logistics and transport field, and the real estate sector.

The firm assists companies in the optimization and management of business issues, supporting them in every phase of credit and company asset protection.

Energy Law

UBFP offers assistance in the field of renewable energy. The Firm, in particular, provides its consultancy on legal and real estate aspects,

carrying out the cadastral surveys, hypocatastical inspections, and dealing with the drafting and revision of contracts of sale or constitution of real rights for the installation and operation of the relevant production plants.

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